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Prayer is not an activity of man but God…In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. And He who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God

For where two or three are gathered in my name, I AM there, declares Christ. This gathering is not as mortals but as Spirit. Prayer, any form of prayer is good as long as it is based on the love for God, man, and God’s creation. To love God is to pray in Spirit and in Truth. Prayer is not muttering to our Father for the fulfillment of your need but knowing the truth about our Father, about yourself in relation to every man, woman, and child on earth. To know the Truth about the Holy One of Israel is to come to the full realization that, ” I and my Father are one; All things that my Father hath are mine; I live, move, and have my being in our Most Loving Father”. To know the Truth about yourself with respect to every man, woman, and child on earth is to realize that you are Spirit not mortal and that every man, woman, and child is also Spirit. To pray is to live in identity, in the steady realization that Christ Jesus is in me, and I am in Him; that Christ Jesus is the reality of your being and my being.

Prayer is another way of acknowledging that I of myself can do nothing; ‘but the Father that dwelleth in me, He doeth the works. Prayer is total reliance on Christ within, the hope of our glory for direction, support, and guidance. Prayer is resting in the assurance that our Father is Perfection here, there, and everywhere. Therefore, where we are in time or space Perfection must be present, regardless of any seeming appearance to the contrary.

:” ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened unto you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened”. We are yet to catch a glimpse of what Christ is telling us. What does it mean to ask, seek and knock? You must be aware that our Lord is not telling us to ask, seek or knock for anything of a finite, physical or of a perishable nature. Would it not seem very preposterous to ask our Father for something very finite when He has already offered us infinity, Himself? Our Father is Spirit, therefore, does not have anything of a physical nature to give but Himself; He has His Word, Christ, Grace, and Peace to give, which now translate as fulfillment in our experience.

The only thing our Father has done is to invite Man to the feast as a witness to the Perfection that is infinitely present ‘here and now’. Christ cautions, “judge not after appearance; judge righteous judgment” , repeating the same decree He made to Adam in the garden: thou shall not eat of the fruit of good and evil. In other words, do not believe what your senses are appropriating as they deny the reality, CHRIST (Tree of Life) that is there. What your eyes are beholding are appearances that always deny the ALLNESS of God; they always deny that Christ Jesus constitutes individual-being. The work of the Father is finished and sealed in eternity; the end of the world has come; it happened at Calvary, the intersection point between time and space in eternity, externalizing in our experience as the crucifixion at the cross of Golgotha.

Therefore, no other foundation can any man lay than that which has been laid already by the begotten Son of God, Christ Jesus the reality of individual being. And in the degree of our acceptance of the finished work of the Father in eternity, externalizing as the renting of the veil (our mortality) at the temple in Jerusalem, when Jesus groans at Calvary, “IT IS FINISHED”, are we the gold, the silver, precious stones, wood, hay, or stubble to be tried and tested by the blazing fire of the Almighty. God is always the fire, and our degree of acknowledgment of His Presence right where we stand, makes us the gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay or stubble that shall withstand the everlasting burning or the lake of fire.

Finally, please remember this:  every form you behold on earth is a test for you. Do you accept the image or the infinite, invisible Spirit, Christ Jesus, the reality of individual being that is there? What do you accept, God or mammon, Invisible Spirit or physical appearance? Demonstration of things or living by the proceeding Word of God? Bowing down to the things of this world or realizing that God is All? Always temptation confronts us with only one purpose: to convince us that God is not All; that there is God and something else – that there is God and lack, God and divorce, God and sickness, God and war, God and disaster – that we are human beings, ‘flesh and blood’, separate and apart from the infinite Christ the reality of our being. But Christ says,” thou art Spirit, begotten of God, the light and the salt of the world, undivided and unseparated from our Most Loving Father. I AM in you and you are in me”.

For this reason, Christ Jesus came to reveal the nothingness of the works of darkness, by being the LIGHT of the world. All the temptation in human experience is the human thought made visible. You see why we were asked to take no thought; you see why the scripture reveals that our thoughts are not the thoughts of God. This is what the scripture through Isaiah, Daniel, Paul, and John the beloved have thought us but we have not listened.

Therefore, as you learn to watch and pray; as you learn to seek and wait upon the Lord; as you learn not to look at forms but through them into the invisible Life, Christ that constitutes their being; as you learn to be ‘still and know that I Am God’, and if our Most Loving Father is present where you are, should you not be still before the Father? Thus should not the human mind, which is the prodigal be still and wait upon the Lord, in trust, in confidence, without a wish, without desire, without asking, simply content to be in the warmth and embrace of our Most Loving Father? While you are blabbing with the human mind, you deny yourself the capacity to hear the still small voice. Imagine standing before the throne of the world’s highest monarch and blabbing. If you knew how susceptible the human mind is to the denial that we live, move, and have our being in God; that only our Most Loving Father is present, then you will understand the need of the conscious effort to watch and pray without ceasing, on the Truth that besides our Most Gracious Father there is no other. Only then you can utter true prayer, “Father I accept now the Mind that was in Christ Jesus that enables me to see Christ Jesus in every person that walks this earth. Father, I seek only thy Grace; I share thy Grace with every man, woman, and child that ever lived, lives, and shall live in time or space”.  This prayer is an automatic acceptance of the gift of God because it is the recognition of the One Infinite, Invisible, Indivisible Spirit of God, Christ Jesus in a person. In doing this, you are lifted out of humanhood that separates people into race, color, religion, culture, where only Christ Jesus is. However, when we pray other than the kingdom of God to express through us, we pray in unbelief; that makes us an atheist, as we are not having our confidence in the finished work of the Father at Calvary. In accepting the finished work at Calvary, in beholding the everywhereness of Christ Jesus through meditation, only then your life becomes a life of Prayer.

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You Must Be Born Again

In our humanhood, we are separated from God’s Grace and so Holy Spirit through brother Paul reminds us, “Now this I say, brethren that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God.” Flesh and blood consciousness is the veil. Therefore, Christ warns, “Call no man your father on the earth: for one is your Father, the Holy One of Israel, which is in heaven. To be ‘born again’ is to come to the realization that you could not have been conceived in the womb of a woman in time or space; that you could not have been confined in the flesh, between the crown of the head and the toe nails but infinite; that you are the image and likeness of God, conceived of the Holy Spirit, and not confined within the parenthesis, within a time span of 70 years more or less, as human thought proclaims, “The days of our lives are seventy years; and if by reason of strength they are eighty years,”, but eternal, one with God. This is the will of our Father and the Holy Spirit is bringing to our awareness in the eternal now that we are spirit coexisting with Christ Jesus in God.

However, this is not the walking up the aisle down to the altar of any church in total surrender to the mumbling of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. The people that walk to the altar for repentance still come back believing that they are human beings, the natural man that receiveth, not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

To be born again is to realize that you are the image and likeness of the Most High, and not the flesh and blood that you were hypnotized to believe at birth, at the foundation of your world. The hypnotism is so total as we are unaware of the fact that the physical body is a passing image in time. It fools us because in the next moment it will still be there, and in every succeeding moment it will continue to be there but always slightly different. The hairs and nails grow unnoticeable; the skin sloughs off undetected, even under a very sophisticated microscope. In a few days, the physical body is a little different; in 40 years it is very different, all taking place within us unnoticed. It is a succession of images with such lightning speed that no human eyes can detect the changing images of the mortal form, until like willow tip of a candle, it disappears into the wind of time; it is there no more, buried in the grave of mortality.

Accordingly, science, education and organized religion have labeled us human beings and imprisoned us in the tomb of flesh. However, Christ says we are Spirit, unlimited, not buried in the grave of personal me; that we are the children of the living God. Spirit is infinite, never born, never dying. You are a spiritual being, the image, and likeness of the living God. Therefore, you were not born and will not die, in the realization that you are spirit. Please accept the Truth that you are a spiritual being, begotten of the Holy Ghost.  ‘Before Abraham I am’, says Christ. As Spirit, you are without beginning and without ending, without earthly father or mother; only the Holy One of Israel is your Father. You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light. You are the Melchizedek of God in your realization that you are spirit. The Lord possessed you in the beginning, the wise man of proverb realized.

Holy Ghost through brother Moses eternally presents before the Hebrew nation at Sinai, and to us now this choice :‐ ‘This day have I placed before you curse and blessing, choose you blessing that you may live.’  Curse here refers to the belief in humanhood, that we are mortally conceived but blessing refers to the belief that God alone is my Father, that I am begotten of the Holy Spirit. So you have the right to choose either curse or blessing.

Consequently, if you believe you are a human being, you come under the influence of the world, outside Identity, outside the paradise of God, subject to the false appearances of good and evil. However, if you accept that you are the image and likeness of God, spirit the child of God, against all the rattling of the world to the contrary, you come under the divine government of God and shall reap life everlasting here and now. This is the promise of God, and our Loving Father cannot lie.

Therefore, you have the choice to make, either to reckon with the teachings of the world or to reckon with the teachings of Christ. Undoubtedly, your five senses will always side with the teachings of the world, so do not rely on your five senses because they are your adversary. They will not bear witness to the Truth that God is the only Presence and Power; that the Most High alone is our Father, without pointing to one earthly father here and one spiritual or godfather there. Everything you behold on earth is a lie; your eyes are not seeing the reality that is there. In each breath, always rely on Holy Spirit to reveal to you the reality that is there; always accept that Christ Jesus is the reality of individual being. In doing this, you are acknowledging and accepting the single eye of God Almighty. Please do not allow organized religion dissuade you from the teachings of Christ Jesus: ‘I and my Father are one’. The Holy One of Israel constitutes your being, therefore, you are undivided and inseparably one with our Most Loving Father.

Woe to all the Cardinals, Bishops, Rev. Fathers, General Overseers, Apostles, Pastors, Prophets, Imams, High priest and priestess, masters and grandmasters, Teachers, Rabbi, and Monks claiming the title of Fatherhood over their subjects, playing the role of the Holy Spirit, the Shepherd of the MOST HIGH. While you may not desire to enter the kingdom of heaven, in your belief that you could play the role of a mentor, teacher, spiritual father of some sort or the other over the subjects that you have falsely claimed to be your sheep flock, please do not bar the door to them from entering the kingdom of heaven present here and now, by denying the role of fatherhood over them. So please look up unto the hills, beyond your five senses and behold the Lord your deliverer upon mount Zion. Please sow to the Spirit by realizing that you and your neighbor are Spirit, the children of God; that you are the Light of the world, one with Christ Jesus. That is the sole purpose of ‘being born again’.

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Born again

Debt & Love

We owe each other love, not human love that is conditional and very limited, but divine Love that embraces both the just and the unjust. Human love is much divided; she sees prostitution in a person, but not in ‘me’. She labels a person a thief, but not ‘my children’. She gives herself where a similar gesture will be reciprocated. In other words, human love gives because she seeks a reward in return. However, divine Love looks at the facets of human love and says, ‘‘No! I am undivided. I see myself everywhere; where the prisoner stands, I am there; I am there where the prostitute in the brothel stands; I am there in the prison where the robber stands to eyesight”. Divine Love, Christ Jesus made visible, is never divided from Himself, the one infinite presence, permeating the infinite universe…

For you who are on the path of regeneration, who has resolved to seek only the Mind that was in Christ Jesus as your only goal, leaving all else, the degree of offsetting your indebtedness to your neighbor is in proportion to how you have lifted all men in consciousness ‘in oneness‘ to God. If there is anywhere in the infinite universe you have left off just one person, then to that degree, you are indebted to the child of God, regardless of how debased he might appear to eyesight. The will of God is that you lift all men in righteousness to Him – the Holy One of Israel – that you love your neighbor as yourself. And to love your neighbor is to lift him in God; to know your neighbor as Spirit. As you do this and are faithful to it, you will notice a strange feeling of detachment from the body concept and you begin to experience your spiritual body as the temple of the Holy Ghost. Then the question might arise, ‘who is my neighbor?’ Your neighbor constitutes every man, woman, and child in the infinite universe; and indeed every of God’s creation.

Conversely, it is not the will of God that you identify a man by race, color, tribe, nationality or religion but by the child of God, that man is. Again you are indebted to any man you have identified other than the child of God. You deny your sonship until you have paid the last penny, by identifying Jesus Christ in man; by presenting every man perfect in Christ Jesus (Colossians 1:28), which is the sole purpose of the gospel. To know a man as Spirit is the fulfillment of your debt to man and God.

Under the law, before Jesus Christ appeared on earth, we could have prayed to God to avenge our death or the death of loved ones, and gone free with it, but under grace, we are forbidden to do so. We must do what Christ is always doing, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do” (Luke 23:34), or even agree with brother Stephen in his prayer as he was been stoned to death, ‘Lord lay not this sin to their charge’ (Acts 7:60). You will have an enemy and be in debt so long as you believe you are a human being, flesh and blood or that your neighbor is not a spiritual being, the offspring of God. As a human being, you are influenced by selfishness and the quest for personal gratification; you worry about the imitation life that ends in the grave, and you try to preserve it. However, as Spirit you are the Life of God, which is immortal that needs no defense. There is no enemy in Spirit, and the child of God is spirit. You are a spiritual being. It might take you months or even years to catch a glimpse of this startling Truth that you are not a human being and that there are no mortals anywhere but Christ Jesus, as the world has made us believe.

Furthermore, to clarify the purpose of the gospel, Paul remarks, ‘to reveal his Son in me, that I might preach him among the heathen, everyone still asleep to Omnipresence –  immediately I conferred not with flesh and blood , as soon as you come to the realization that you and your neighbor are Spirit. This awareness that you are a spiritual being, one with Christ Jesus and that every man, woman, and child is spirit is to preach the gospel of Christ Jesus and the garment you must put on every day, without which you are necked. This awareness must precede any conversational discourse of Christ Jesus with anybody, else the person will be digging a pit for himself into which he falls. First take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye’, warns Christ. It is when the Son of God has been revealed in you do you realize the capacity to preach the gospel of Christ Jesus. The ministry of brother Paul did not start until the encounter at Damascus, until he saw Christ Jesus enthroned at the center of his being; neither did the Apostles begin their ministry until after Pentecost. Until you are aware that Jesus Christ constitutes the being of your neighbor, whether a prostitute or a robber, it will be meaningless to preach the gospel to her or him. The awareness that your neighbor is spirit is to pay your debt to your neighbor.

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Debt and Love

Nature of evil

“Why is God allowing evil in the world; why are there wars, death, disease, sin, lack, and the whole lots of other erroneous conditions in the human scene?”, you might ask. It might shock and startle you to know that all appearances in this world are like the shadow confronting the little child; they are images in mind, without substance, without the Law and Love of God to maintain and sustain. Is there anything besides God, the Holy One of Israel? To the child, the shadow was real and tangible in her experience, but her mother knew better. The child was ignorant of the fact that the shadow was her creation; she was casting it.

Through ignorance of the Infinite, invisible Presence of Christ, man creates a mental world of his own, a world of good and evil. Thus as a man sows, so shall he also reap. He sees the manifestation of his thoughts and reacts to them, the same way the crying baby reacted to her shadow. Therefore, he eats the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. He appropriates the fruit thereof because he reacts to this world of illusion believing it true, not knowing it is but illusion, a fleeting shadow without substance. That is why he perishes in his ignorance of Christ. There is no imperfection out there; there is no danger out there. There is no good in a person, place or condition either; all good is in God. Every appearance, imperfection, every danger is an indication that you are in duality, in a false self, separate from our Most Gracious Father; you are appropriating the fruit of good and evil. Only God is present; only Christ Jesus is present; only ‘I AM’ is present, and I Am that in the awareness that I and my Father are one.

The sole reason there is evil or darkness in the form of mortality is for the Glory of God to be revealed. You might ask how? Our authority for this is in the response of Christ to the question posed by His disciples, “master who sinned?”. Jesus answered,Neither this man nor his parents, but this happened so that works of God will be displayed in him”. In other words, who sinned, in this case, could mean, ‘what is the cause of darkness or evil in the world?” In clear terms, Christ response, “For the glory of God to be revealed”. This answer puts to rest that darkness or evil has any origin in God. Is this not the same as acknowledging God in all thy ways instead of an appearance or condition? Is it not the same thing as ‘resist not evil?’

Thus, there is no Law, Love, Activity, Purpose of God to sustain darkness or evil. Darkness, which is a shadow cast by human mind, appears to exist so that the glory of God will shine forth, by our continuous realization of the Allness of God; mortal forms exist so that you lift them up in God as spirit, by your steady realization that Christ Jesus stands where any mortal appears to be.

Now when you appropriate the world ranging from the stars in the galaxies to the speck of dust on the ground through the senses, what confronts you is always an appearance ( the tree of good and evil), not the substance, the reality, the invisible, spiritual form (the Tree of Life) that is there. The spiritual form is the infinite, invisible Spirit, Christ Jesus the reality of individual being. Thus when you are looking at a person, be it your father, mother, wife, husband, child, or even a thief or a prostitute, please do not judge them after appearance but judge them righteously, by beholding them through the single eye. Just quickly remember that they are Spirit, that Christ Jesus is appearing as them, not the physical form. That way you are releasing creation from bondage of corruption into glorious liberty, into to the kingdom of God; you are overcoming the world by faith, love, and understanding; you are changing the serpent back to a rod; you are trampling upon the serpent; else you will be seeing their nakedness or mortality, thus disrobing them of their glory which they had with the Father before the world was, by knowing them after the flesh or as mortals.

Again, there is but one Presence, one Life, to which we should give individual attention – Christ in us the hope of glory; the Light within every individual; the true Light that lights every man that comes into the worldHe is the Light of the atheist, pagan or infidel. Whether they are aware of it or not, your function as the royal high priest of God is to forgive seventy times seven, by realizing that Christ Jesus is the substance of their being. To Christ, the one Infinite, Invisible Presence, the personal self (ekene ezeike the natural man) should be in conscious recognition at all times; the personal self (ekene ezeike that receiveth not the things of God) should decrease to the point of dissolution to allow Christ full expression. This is the core principle of Christ Jesus as revealed in the scripture: “I am in you and you are in me.” In other words, where any evil or saintly form appears, Christ is the only presence there but veiled to our mortal sense; Christ is the true identity of every form. Your realization of this Truth is infinite Power.

Therefore, do not have a minute in an hour when the Son of God is left out in the cold knocking at the door of your heart; never have an hour in a day without a conscious reminder of the indwelling Presence, the Holy Grail hidden at the center of your being and of the infinite universe. Please live in the continuous awareness of the Son of God, Christ Jesus within you and where your neighbor stands. Consciously remember that the Divine Presence, the Father within goes before you to make the crooked places straight, to level every mountain, to fill up every valley, to blossom the desert places, and to make a way in the wilderness of humanhood; to reveal His kingdom on earth. God’s infinite Presence realized is the milk and honey in the newness of life that is unfolding before you. It is the New Jerusalem unfolding on earth, for Christ in you realized is the kingdom of God expressing.

Moreover, you who are reading this book please know that you were directed to it by the Grace of God. The book might seem a bit strange to some people to label it heretic. However, it is not tied to any religion, sect or membership but it is based on the Bible and on the absolute and universal teachings of Christ Jesus. Whatever in human experience that demands your membership aims at imprisoning you, putting you in bondage. You are hypnotized and in bondage, if you belong to any clan, country, race, church, mosque, synagogue, temple, shrine, or any secret society, by relationship through blood or by penning your name in their register.

All organized religion is enshrined in falsehood. It is the handiwork of man whose breath is in his nostrils. It appeals to your mind by promising you safety, security, hope, and fulfillment because somewhere in its scheme, through its doctrine, has ensnared you with fear and anxiety. Somehow it promises her members hope of ‘a life-hereafter’, and fools her members by saying prayers at the graveside of one that has passed on, by convincing them that those prayers avail much. It promises to her members false hope, safety and security on one hand and fear and condemnation on the other. However, please you must be aware that there is no safety, security, hope, or fulfillment outside conscious acknowledgment of the Almighty God, outside your conscious oneness with the Holy One of Israel and outside your realization of oneness with every man, woman, and child on earth.

The spiritual journey is one that requires faith. Yesterday’s manna will do you no good, that was in the baby stage of your spiritual walk with God. As you begin to realize Sonship, oneness with Christ Jesus; as your consciousness of the infinite Presence of Christ deepens, you shall bump into the startling revelation that only today’s Manna is the Living bread. That Manna is Spirit, the gift of God – forever new every morning. However, our Father does not have anything of a perishable nature to give, whether it is in the form of shelter, companionship, child, money, car, or private jet. Our Most Loving Father gives Himself eternally; God gives His Holy Ghost, which appears as fulfillment in our experience. I had to battle with this temptation for a very long time in the darkest hours of my experience: I prayed for money, shelter, companionship, and even happiness, but that did not move our Most Loving Father. His response to me and to the rest of the World is, “Son I have only my Spirit to give; I have only my Kingdom to give. My kingdom is fulfillment”. Indeed, Holy Spirit, the gift of God translates to fulfillment in our experience as the added things in life. Humanly it is very difficult to grasp this Truth that the Kingdom of God is fulfillment, except by the Grace of God; that we should only seek the kingdom of God and the added things will follow.

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Nature of evil




All around us is appearance, and see how often we fall as a child learning how to walk, by mere watching the appearance and not praying. Oh! appearance, the knowledge of good and evil! You lure and frighten us away from the acknowledgment of our heavenly Father where we stand and where our neighbor stands, sinking us into the miry clay of mortality, as we deny that Christ is Omnipresent. Oh! How quickly we accept the appearance of a storm or tempest, by not even bothering to wake up Christ Jesus sleeping at the inner recess of our being; or even accepting world’s report over the report of God – besides the Holy One of Israel there is no other.

How can we be redeemed from the influence of the tree of good and evil? We simply have to accept the finished work of the Father at Calvary. As a child, please do not give up, dust yourself up, smile and remember, “God is All; besides the Holy One of Israel there is no other; Christ Jesus constitutes ‘individual being’.”  While you are watching at an appearance, please judge righteously; please pray also, by realizing that Christ stands where any appearance is. The apostles failed in their walk with Christ now and then but got up and continued until they walked into Christ Jesus.

Similarly, just as a baby that is learning how to walk, get up, smile, shake-up yourself from the dust of mortality, arise and Christ shall give you life. You have sold yourself for nothing, and you shall be redeemed without money. Arise and shine for your light is come; and the glory of the Lord will be risen upon you.For the Holy One of Israel shall cause your righteousness to shine forth as brightness, and your salvation a lamp that burns. As long as ‘your focus’ is upon the Tape – Christ Jesus the perfection of God made visible – you shall walk into Him; you shall manifest the kingdom of God on earth.  ‘Therefore, my people shall know my name; therefore, they shall know in that day that I am He who speaks: “Behold it is I”’. For you are the ‘light of the world’ that dissolves the thick darkness covering the earth, revealing the kingdom of heaven here and now, in your conscious oneness with Christ Jesus.

To bear witness unto our Most Loving Father, to have the capacity to preach the gospel of Christ Jesus requires total humility. It is a very subtle experience to preach the gospel of Christ Jesus, as one might be overcome by the temptation to proclaim, “I am the Light of the world; I am a child of God, to the exclusion of my sinning neighbor.” That is not the gospel of Christ Jesus. To demonstrate the power of the kingdom of heaven on earth requires total humility, total acceptance of everyone on earth as a child of God, without condemning, criticizing, or judging anyone, however debased the person might appear in your sight – “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to myself”, Christ reminds us. That also becomes our eternal decree. Certainly, you are aware that the humus soil is there to receive every dirt thrown upon it with all joy. It does not reject or criticize whatever that comes upon it; it always accepts oneness with whatever encounters it, so are you, the pure in heart that sees God in every situation, condition, place or thing.

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Resist not evil

“Ye have heard that it hath been said, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil”. Matthew 5:38.39  The kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent taketh it by force – Matt 11:28.

To be violent in Spirit is your ability to maintain calmness and stillness in the infinite ocean of Spirit (Christ, the Holy One of Israel ) in the face of all seeming evil appearances in human experience. Nonetheless, when you are violent the way the world understands violence, you are implying, ‘I can do something; I can live my life; I can take care of myself’.  In the former, you are required to take no thought and rest in the Allness of Holy Spirit, the Father within to direct, guide,  protect and to enter the Sabbath of the Holy One of Israel without any effort of your own.

For instance, if you are a musician and you are aware of the Divine presence, Christ as the only Activity, then our Most Loving Father releases the melodies of heaven through you, and you find yourself composing angelic music without effort. So with every other profession in human experience, in which the Holy One of Israel is realized as the only Activity in the universe. When you realize that our Father is the only Activity, whatever one does in the human scene comes under grace.

Moreover, your false sense of vision may behold out there a robber, kidnapper, rapist, pedophile, terrorist, prostitute, or a dictator –  the false states of consciousness in which ekene ezeike could have expressed at some time or other, unaware that Christ constitutes his being – and instantly you have relinquished your God‐given dominion to ekene ezeike, the person you have labeled a robber, kidnapper, rapist, pedophile, terrorist, prostitute or a dictator, by implicitly telling him, “Eh! you can come and rob, kidnap, rape, defile, kill, seduce or oppress me whenever you are ready”, because of your acceptance of mortality in a person or imperfection in a condition; because you have violated the second divine commandment of Christ to love your neighbor as yourself and have born false witness against the child of God, by accepting a presence apart from God, by believing that there is a robber, kidnapper, rapist, pedophile, terrorist, prostitute, or a dictator in the person of ekene ezeike where only Christ Jesus is.

Therefore, when we accept the Master key given to us by Christ Jesus our savior – ‘resist not evil’, we unlock any and every seeming door of mortality to let Holy Spirit reveal Himself as the only Presence and Power underlying all forms. When you realize that you are a spiritual being, one with Christ Jesus, and that there is no robber, kidnapper, rapist, pedophile, terrorist, a dictator, or anyone or anything unlike the law of God out there but Christ Jesus the reality of individual being, immediately you deny the person the capacity to express discord in your experience; you rob the serpent of its sting and the person goes home free, revealing the perfection of God, instead of the seeming evil appearance.  You must be aware that there can be no person or condition to coexist with God when God is All, when the Holy One of Israel is Omnipresent. Only Christ is Present; only the qualities of God are present.  The Master Key, “Resist not evil”, can unlock whatever door of any seeming evil appearance in human scene, to reveal the ever Presence and Power of God functioning our being; to welcome Christ Jesus, the Perfection of God made visible to come in and calm the storm and tempest in our experience. I stand at the door and knock’. Revelation 3:20

‘Oh! It seems too good to be true, just figment of one’s erratic imagination’, the human mind may ponder! And that is why it is true. It would have been another form of philosophy if there was no backing of the Holy Spirit in the consciousness of one that has accepted the master key, ‘Resist not evil’, and have put it into practice by being true to it. It would have been so difficult if we were just starting anew and playing guessing games, but we have one who has done it, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature; the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God.  He alone can open the book (the purpose of our Most Loving Father in you and me); He has given us His Word, same Word the Father gave Him; He has given us the key to the kingdom of heaven in the Word that the Father gave Him – Love God with all your heart, soul and mind and love your neighbor as yourself, in the continuous realization that your neighbor is a spiritual being, one with God. Besides, He has given us the seven promises in revelation concerning our overcoming of the world of the five senses as He has done.

Therefore, please do not judge after appearance but judge righteous judgment, by sowing to the Spirit, by realizing that only God is present; that besides our Most Gracious Father there is no other. Your conscious awareness of the infinite nature of Christ Jesus is your only protection from whatever danger that might occur in human experience. You must accept the Truth that God begat only one Son, Christ Jesus, who is the true identity of every man, woman, and child that ever walked, is walking, and will walk upon the earth. Therefore, instead of sowing to the form; instead of sowing to an appearance, no matter how shattering, luring or pleasing, Christ commands, “Judge righteous judgment.” In other words, ‘know yee no man after the flesh. Always let our judgment rest in God’s begotten Son, in Spirit. This is the inner meaning of ‘thou shall eat not of the fruit of good and evil.

This world presents an appearance (the tree of good and evil), and the human mind accepts it, gives the appearance power over her life, by accepting a presence besides the Holy One of Israel. But when you catch a glimpse of the startling Truth that God is the only Presence and Power and are faithful and true to IT, you will discover you are halfway Home; you will find yourself in the embrace of the Father. When one or two persons here and there make use of this Master Key, “Resist not evil”, in the awareness of Omnipresence and Omnipotence, they become transparency through which the glory of God is revealed, through which the kingdom of God is revealed on earth –  the remnant by grace that will transfigure the material world into the kingdom of heaven here and now. In doing this, you become a co-creator with the Holy One of Israel; that is the ultimate privilege of the Son of God – being a transparency for the revelation of the kingdom of God on earth as he sits with Jesus Christ on His throne judging the twelve tribes of Israel –  the kingdom of God on earth here and now.

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Resist not evil