World’s report confirms the death rate of covid-19 to peak in about 2 weeks; in America about 100,000 to 200,000 deaths are expected based on their projection, if not enough is done to mitigate the crisis. In Europe more than 100,000 deaths are also expected.  In Africa, they are also looking at a very high rate due to the low level of preparedness in mitigating the crisis; in Asia, south America and Australia, similar fear is entertained. Consequently, countries are now being called to prepare for another 30days of severe economic and social disruption, as schools and businesses are closed and public life is upset.

In the human scene this is a possibility. However, in the presence of our Most Loving Father, nothing of such will happen. The world’s report is the arm of flesh, a nothingness, without the Law, Love, and Activity of the Holy One of Israel to sustain and maintain.

Therefore, in two weeks, contrarily to world’s report, the covid-19 virus spread will seize and before the 19th of April, the traces of the virus will be wiped off the face of earth by the Light of God.

Humanly, the system of the world cannot contain the havoc that the virus is wrecking. All efforts by the think-tanks and scientific minds to curb the effect of the pandemic have been frustrated.  Indeed, it has brought some countries to their knees.

However, our Most Loving Father is Omnipresent Spirit, permeating time and space. Our Father, the only Power, Presence maintaining and sustaining the infinite universe on the invisible pillars of His Love and Wisdom, is without variableness neither shadow of turning. In His presence nothing that defiles nor maketh a lie can abide; besides the Holy One of Israel there is no other. Therefore, no Law of God to support or maintain covid-19 in any part of the world. It shall go by the way it came – the way of nothingness. The Hand of our Most Loving Father establishes this.

Just as in days of Joshua when he declared the sun to be still over Gibeon (Joshua 10:12), so it is now as Christ the Alpha and Omega of creation comes to the scene, revealing His Perfection, which is the dissolution of any and every corona virus pandemic in the world.

May the peace of our Lord Christ Jesus be with you forever. Amen!





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