The only death allowed in the kingdom of God is the death of the false mortal self – the dying to the belief in flesh and blood, in biological birth. All through the Old Testament, where there have been killings and wars, the scripture points to the death of the false mortal self, consciously. Never was it allowed then or even this moment that we should lift mental or physical sword against one another in a war or battle. For us that are following Christ Jesus in the regeneration, we are only summoned to lift spiritual sword ( the WORD ) at a person to separate mortality, to reveal infinite, invisible Christ, who is the reality of individual being.

Moreover, when Holy Ghost kills, the end result is always the revelation of Christ the son of the living God in individual experience, totally different from the kind of killings that occur in the human scene through wars, pestilence, and any other thing unlike the law of God. The death that our Most Loving Father seeks is the one that reveals Christ, by the dissolution of the human consciousness, not through physical or mental sword, but through the Activity of Holy Spirit in consciousness; the crossing out of our ‘human selfhood’ upon the cross of Calvary, by accepting Christ proclamation, “IT IS FINISHED”.

To engage in any sort of battle, the scripture admonishes us to use the Spiritual sword, the Word of God, to slaughter the false mortal self of your neighbor, town or city, by realizing that your neighbor is spirit, and that any town or city is the kingdom of God – where thou stand is Holy ground. We engage in a war with each other, for only one purpose: to kill the false mortal self, by looking through the form, in the sole realization that only Christ Jesus is present. The realization of Christ in our neighbor is the killing or death of the false mortal self of the person. This is entirely an Activity of Holy Ghost in consciousness. And as a soldier of the cross, this is your sole function on earth – to behold Christ Jesus in every man, woman, and child, and also to realize that God is everywhere, therefore, His kingdom is everywhere and you are living, moving and having your being in the Holy One of Israel. In doing this, we are sowing to the infinite, invisible Spirit, thereby pleasing our heavenly Father, who is invisibly Omnipresent to eyesight.

Thus your working tool in this Spiritual Activity is Faith, without which you cannot please our Most Loving Father; you cannot sow to Spirit, to the infinite, invisible, Immortal body of Christ present here and now. There must be a conscious realization of the Truth that The Ancient of Days is One, and I am one with my Most Loving Father in the same way the sunbeam is one with the sun and the wave one with the ocean; that the Holy One of Israel is the only Presence and Power, and that every man, woman, and child is the offspring of God; that where our heavenly Father is, Perfection is; His kingdom is, immortality is, before you can overcome death and enter into Life everlasting. To know this Truth intellectually is not difficult, but to keep it, live it, is very difficult. That is why all faith must be in our Most Loving father 24 hours round the clock; that is your breath and that is your garment. The only reason we appear in mortal form is to exercise faith deeply in the unseen, in our Most Loving Father.

Again, ask yourself, ‘if you truly live, move and have your being in God, then where are you?’ You are living in the kingdom of God but veiled to you through your five senses, through your flesh and blood consciousness. Thus to overcome the five senses and be ushered into the kingdom of heaven, you must accept the Son of God as your real identity, for only the son goes to the Father; you must be one with Christ Jesus. Imagine the wave believing that it is living outside the ocean or the sunbeam outside the sun. That is separation, is it not? In the same way, when you live outside identity, outside the realization that Christ Jesus constitutes individual being, you are living in separation from the One Life of God. Consequently, you are cut off from divine Grace, from Life eternal. So when you believe in death; when you accept death as a reality, you are declaring to Christ, your hope of glory, “I have no part in you, neither do you in me”. For Christ has come that you may have Life in abundance.

The essence of Christ teaching is that we lose our human concept of life to gain awareness of the Christ’s Life. However, not many persons in the organized religious circle of the world understand its full meaning. From the human perspective, this never will make sense, neither the death on the cross; but when the Spirit of God has touched one, he understands that in reality nothing is lost but the things that did not have origin in God – the false sense of life and concepts that man entertains. Except a seed is sown to the ground and dies, it abides alone. It is the outer self of the seed that is cracked open to reveal the life in the seed. In the same way, our outer self, the belief that I am a mortal being must be crossed out in consciousness, for Christ to live my life. “I affirm by the boasting in you, which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord, I die daily.”

Moreover, death exists as a shadow, without the Light, the Law of our Most Merciful Father to maintain and sustain. This Truth about the illusory nature of death, about the unreality of evil and good, is the overcoming of the world. Please go back to the temptation in the Garden of Eden and see if this is not so. We overcome the world to behold the kingdom of God that is present here and now. Death or any evil of whatever form or nature will be there to challenge you until you come to the realization that only the Life of God is present; that if indeed our Most Loving Father is All, is Omnipresent, then Immortality must be all and therefore, death must be illusory; that besides our Most Loving Father, the infinite Ocean of Spirit, the Holy One of Israel, there is no other.

Therefore, every concept that the society, family, fed you as to believe you are from this race or nationality, kindly take to the cross of Calvary, and cross out. The personal self (ekene ezeike that believes he is black and from Biafra) must die so that Christ Jesus lives his life. Christ’s Mind comes from above and is not limited to time or space. The Mind that was in Christ Jesus brings us to our conscious oneness with God. Our Most Merciful Father is the only Presence and Power. Thus there are no evil and good appearances – only the Life and Light of the Holy One of Israel is present.

The Truth to know is that the WORD that is with God, in the beginning did not create death. Thus the Holy One of Israel does not permit death to happen and it cannot happen. There is no pleasure in our Most Loving Father that we die. It is the carnal mind separate and apart from our Father which presents the image of death to me, but it is not present except in my mortal mind. However, in the kingdom of God, the Mind that was in Christ Jesus dispels the shadow of death.

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Illusory nature of Death