The true daily Holy Communion observation: ‘eat of my flesh and drink of my blood’ is the continuous realization of the Lord’s body as your body and His Life as your life; not the mere drinking of wine and eating of bread we indulge in now and then at church services. When Christ commands, “do this in remembrance of me”, it goes beyond the rites and rituals of eating bread and drinking wine at churches and other places of worship.  ‘Eat of my flesh and drink of my blood’, as Christ commands us, is entirely an Activity of Holy Ghost in consciousness; it is to realize consciously that you are the branch of the one Tree of Life, Christ Jesus. ‘My blood’ is the SAP of the one Tree of Life; ‘My Flesh’ is the Transfigured body of Christ Jesus. The realization of this truth in consciousness is your amour and shield against the supposedly good and evil influences of the world (the tree of good and evil). Unless we live consciously in our spiritual body, the Transfigured body of Christ Jesus, the kingdom of God here and now, by accepting it faithfully as a here-now reality, we are not in communion with Christ Jesus and we are not complete in Him.

However, in our flesh and blood consciousness, we have been confined in a locality, race, or country by ethnicity and nationality. When the concept that I am a human being is crossed out; when the concept that I am from this religion, race or country is wiped off from consciousness, and there is the conscious realization that I and my Father are one; that he that as seen me has seen my Father; that every man, woman, and child is the image and likeness of God, then man, now Spirit will know that I am immortal and infinite; that there is nowhere that the Father is that I am not. I fill all space and time. The Mind that was in Christ Jesus is ever conscious of the Infinite, Immortal body of God; is ever conscious that I am from above. That was why Christ Jesus could be on the boat this moment and on the shore the next. He lives consciously in His transfigured body, the body of God.

Moreover, the blood of the Lord we drink and the flesh we eat at communion service have not been fully understood by the church, the same way our ancestors at Sinai misconstrued the animal sacrifice and the temple worship, believing that the flesh of animals was pleasing to God, without realizing that their body was the temple of the living God. In the same measure, we have paid lip service to the communion services we partake in church gatherings, by assuming they are the Lord’s body. What is purely spiritual we have subjected to physicality. By one offering Christ Jesus has perfected for all time those who are sanctified. Hebrew 10:14.

This is not to condemn any form of church communion service but to stress that the ‘true communion’, is an Activity of Holy Ghost in consciousness as we appropriate the Lord’s Body and drink of His Blood, by realizing that the Immortal Body of Christ Jesus is our body and His Blood, the immortal Life of God our life. This is the ‘heavenly communion’ that will immortalize your body here and now; this is the inner meaning of ‘do this in remembrance of me’, Luke 22:19, as Christ declares. When the church learns how to gather in oneness, in the sole realization that every man, woman, and child in the universe is a child of God, regardless of religion, race, culture, tribe, or nationality, then can they partake of the true ‘communion service’.





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