Parenting is an honorable and sacred duty, ordained from the foundation of the world upon the eternal Rock of Ages – ‘call no man your father on the earth. (Mathew 23:9)’ The scripture reveals that there is but one Father, and every man, woman, and child is the offspring of God – God the Father and Mother of all is Spirit. However, at the foundation of our world, our parents claimed that they conceived us, and somehow the society accepted this, labeled us human beings, which is a lie of the five senses. Consequently, at the foundation of our world, we find ourselves in a false sense of life, the imitation life that starts from the cradle and ends in the grave.

The universal law is that like begets like. Therefore, if our Most Loving Father is Spirit, we, His offspring are definitely spirit. Nevertheless, in our false sense of life, we violate the law of being, by eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, by accepting the lies of the five senses, by denying that God Almighty is All. We entertain a false sense of life that we are flesh and blood, human beings, confined within a lifespan, when in reality we are the Life of God – immortal, eternal, without beginning and end, in conscious oneness with Christ Jesus – (Hebrew 7:3). In the realization that we are one with Christ Jesus, we are being conceived immaculately out of humanhood into Spirit.

The societal and cultural influences imposed upon the Hebrew race that Christ was the son of David. If you observed closely, Christ refuted that claim in the following statement, “What do you think about the Christ? Whose son is He?” “David’s,” they answered. Jesus said to them, “How then does David in the Spirit call Him Lord?” For He says: ‘The Lord said to my Lord, “Sit at My right hand until I put Your enemies under Your feet.”’ (Mathew 22:42)…This same question is posed to us today. Are you going to accord the Son of God a human parentage, and walk away from it without any response as did the Pharisees, when it became obvious that Christ, your true identity does not have a human parentage? Or are you going to side with Christ to call no man father on earth? Therefore, Christ says, “Call no man your father, except the Holy One of Israel – (Mathew 23:9).” This means we were all immaculately conceived, in our realization that the Holy One of Israel alone is our Father. This is the same relationship Christ brought to the world.

This moment, please look around you, are you and your neighbor abiding on the universal and absolute truth that the Holy One of Israel is your Father? Are you keeping to the injunction, “Call no man your Father?”This is the relationship Christ brought to the world that guarantees our immaculate conception. However, please look at the life of Jesus Christ before His ascension into heaven and see if there was any place in the scripture He accepted a place in this world that He was from, if not from above, or anywhere he accepted that He was of the root of David or even Abraham, if not the son of the Almighty God. We all must be tempted in the same measure until we accept no place but the kingdom of God, and no parentage but the Holy One of Israel, before heaven will open unto us now. So as you begin to dig deeper, you discover that sex between a husband and wife is a spiritual activity.

Therefore, before a husband and wife should engage in sex, they must be aware of it as an Activity of God, since God is the only Activity in the universe. Sex between a husband and wife should be seen as something sacred unto God, and not as carnal and sinful as human consciousness has heretofore believed, but as an Activity of the Holy Ghost. If sex is indulged in without the conscious acknowledgment that it is an Activity of God, then it is perverted. Sex is holy when indulged on the foundation of marriage, in the sole acknowledgment that it is the union between Spirit and Soul. In much the same way as the experience of those on the path of regeneration that follow Christ Jesus – their soul infusing with Christ, the reality of their being. In the full realization that God is the only Activity in the universe, will a child be immaculately conceived; children born will then grow up in conscious oneness with God. They will never need to experience the internal and external tension, which accompanies Spiritual life.

Additionally, sex indulged in outside marriage violates the law of being; it is sinful because there is an assertion of a divided self. The Soul does not meet Spirit in such a union. Even often sex in marriage is also sinful when the couples indulge in it without the realization that it is solely an Activity of God. Consequently, the fruit thereof is the natural man, not under the Law of God.

Accordingly, when there is a union between a man and woman ignorantly, whether in marriage or outside marriage, as a human activity, we procreate carnally. This is what we have filled the earth with, but this is not what our Most Loving Father commanded in Genesis 1:28. The offspring of God must be produced by the Seed of God who is Christ – Christ is also the First-Fruits of the whole harvest. To bring all things back to our original state in our Father, we must birth Christ.This is not a biological birthing by egg and sperm, without the conscious awareness that God is the only Activity, which reproduces the seed of man. Rather, this is a birthing by the Holy Spirit, where soul infuses with Spirit in oneness.

Though with a physical union, you cannot produce a spiritual child, and yet the identity of every child is Christ. The Allness of God precludes physical birth. Since God is our Father, every birth is a spiritual birth, but only appears through the glass darkly as conception in iniquity, as a physical birth, which is the fall of many in Israel that speak against the spiritual identity of man, that speak against the absolute Truth that : ‘My Father and I are one’. Hence a need for the transformation of our mind to the Mind that was also in Christ Jesus; a need for us to be born again from the man of the flesh and blood consciousness into the new man of divine consciousness, having  the Mind that was in Christ Jesus. How? By accepting through faith, grace, and love that Christ Jesus is our true identity; by realizing that Christ is in you and you are in Him; by consciously accepting oneness with every man, woman, and child as an offspring of God; therefore, Spirit.

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