The hallmark of our realization of Immortality is revealed in our readiness and willingness to lay down our mortal sense of life, by carrying our cross and following Jesus Christ to Calvary; to cross out our false humanhood, by faithfully accepting that our false sense of life is “FINISHED” at Calvary, and are alive in Christ as Spirit. With utmost vigor, please reject all worldly belief that you are a mortal being, because your mortality is already crossed out upon the cross of Calvary. Just believe in ‘IT IS FINISHEDto express your spiritual nature, your immortality here and now. You are the child of God, begotten of the Holy Ghost, never born in the womb of a woman. This is the hard truth you must live by; it is the forsaking of ‘’father, mother, child, and relative for MY sake; it is the proceeding WORD of the Father. This is your identity and you must accept it to live in it. You are one with Christ Jesus.

Furthermore, every man past, present and future is in Christ as he utters “IT IS FINISHED”. Right there our mortality – the father of all lies died. Therefore, you simply have to accept it to come out of every sowing and reaping in human experience. Your life is the Life of God, not the imitation life between cradle and grave. However, you must be conscious of the One Life of God as the function of your being to avoid the grave. “I live, yet not I Christ liveth my life”. The Life of God has no beginning and no end. Therefore, as a child of God, your life has no beginning and no end. You coexist with Christ in God. Your false mortal sense of life was crucified in Christ when Christ says, “IT IS FINISHED”. There and then your mortal sense of life seizes to be. It is the fulfillment of what Spirit revealed way back in Daniel, ‘ME-NE‘  to that highest pinnacle of our human will that tries to enthrone itself above the Will of our Most Loving Father; the awful horror in the temple of the living God.

All that Christ Jesus is, we are on earth, 1 John 4:17. I and the Father are one, John 10:30, therefore, I am the Life of God expressing; I am the Light of the world, John 6:12.I am the resurrection and the Life’, John 11:35. If you leave out that eternal decree as Christ Jesus proclamation alone, then you will not be complete in Him as the branch grafted to the vine. This Truth realized in consciousness sets you free forever. It is the Truth of being; the gift of God to whoever that believes. This is to dwell in the Mind that was in Christ Jesus, the secret place of our Most Loving Father.

To accept the gift of God is to realize that you are a spiritual being and that Christ Jesus constitutes your being; to come to that place in consciousness where you accept and declare in totality, “Father let not my will be done but let thy will be done”. Luke 22:42. That is the death to this world, to the belief in humanhood; to the belief in personal me.

Jesus crucified on the cross is your death and my death – the death of the false mortal concept we have entertained. It is the crossing out of the belief in a life of flesh and blood that we may experience the resurrection Life of Christ, the Life of Spirit that does not end in the grave. It is the crossing out of every belief that I am a physical being, confined in the tomb of flesh that we may be alive to Spirit; that we may be one with our heavenly Father –  the Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent God, the Holy One of Israel.

Therefore, in proportion as we awake to the realization that we are Spirit and that Christ Jesus constitutes our being, in that degree is the onionskin of mortality peeled off until Christ comes alive in us. This process is termed ‘regeneration’ as subtly referred to in the scripture. Holy Ghost has revealed this Truth in various degrees all through the scripture. All the animal sacrifices point to the same process, but it was then misunderstood as the human race could not catch the full meaning that man was the temple of God.

However, oneness with our Most Loving Father was the sacrilege the world alleged that Jesus Christ committed, and we crucified Him. But He reveals to the world that its prince, its ruler, death does not exist as a reality in God. So He allows us to put him through the humiliation of the cross for a purpose – to cast out death as a reality out of our consciousness. “Destroy this temple and in three days I will resurrect it again,” John 2:19. Christ forever declares. Just think what can make Jesus utter that statement with absolute conviction in the face of the threat of death by crucifixion, which is the most shameful, shattering and terrifying experience in the human scene? He lives consciously in God, in the Immortal Body of Spirit and knows that death is an illusion, even the death on the cross, no matter how shameful, shattering or terrifying; that only the Life of God is His Life. And this He reveals to the world, fulfilling a prophecy way back in Isaiah 25: 7-8    .

The child of God is immortal, which means you are not a mortal being. You will wrestle with this all through your human life until you come to the assurance that if you are a child of God, there are many other things that you are not; you are not a human being, the man of flesh and blood, the five-sense mind; you are not a gay, lesbian or straight; you are not a Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist, or pagan; you are not the natural man that receiveth not the things of God, that is not divinely governed. You are not the citizen of any country of this world but from above. This is a hard truth, but the only Truth you must know beyond anything that organized religion would have thought you or even any theology school would teach you before you can overcome this world.

Immortality is the Activity of Holy Ghost in consciousness. You must have faith in our Most Loving Father, by accepting you are Spirit, His image and likeness. You cannot tilt to humandhood while at the same time claiming you are the image and likeness of God. Thus you must accept “IT IS FINISHED” to the belief in humanhood. However, when Jesus Christ says “IT IS FINISHED”, and within you there remains an iota of belief in a prophecy, teaching, doctrine, creed or dogma that there is still a fragment of dirt yet un-swept away from your foundation, the very moment you were born into this world; that there is still something wrong in your lineage, in your family requiring deliverance or improvement; that even somewhere in your vein runs the blood of Abraham or blood of any of the patriarchs in the bible, then not only have you pierced Christ Jesus again, but you have also labeled Christ a liar, by believing in falsehood, in a father apart from the Holy One of Israel; by believing that humanhood is not FINISHED, worse still you are further immersed into the miry clay of good and evil, of mortality, thus totally cut off from Immortality – the divine Grace of Almighty God infinitely present.

Moreover, as we continuously walk in mortality, in the belief that ’I am flesh and blood’, a human being, we close the door of our heart to Christ; we reject Him, telling Him,“Lord you are not needed now; you are never a part of me. Therefore, hold on to your second coming; I want to settle for the second death”. However, you need not do that; you don’t have to live in the dream, in the parenthesis, in mortality, between the cradle and the grave. Before you is ‘Infinity’; before you is Immortality; in your midst is the kingdom of God that beats your wildest imagination of whatever life you might have thought exciting in the flesh. A day in the presence of the living God is greater than a thousand years in the ‘choicest palace’ of the world. Thus which are you, mortal or immortal? Our Father created no life besides His Life. Which are you, the Life of God that is eternal or mortal life that ends in the grave?

The blood of the Lamb of God – the Life of God, Immortality here and now is robbed on the lintel door of our heart, as we realize the Life of God as the only Life in the universe; as the very Spirit that rose up Jesus Christ from the dead after three days in the tomb. As we drink the blood of Christ Jesus, by appropriating His Life as our own life, we bar our door to the prince of this world(death). Therefore, no one ‘in conscious oneness’ with Christ Jesus will experience the second death. “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave Himself for me “. But God forbid that I should boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.

The second death, the moment that a person loses his consciousness of mind and body, is overcome as the Lamb of God, Christ Jesus rises in us unto His throne of Glory. It is the second death because the first death has already taken place – it happened at the foundation of our world, when we were not immaculately conceived; when our mother conceived us in iniquity; when we were dead to Christ. Whoever shall overcome the five-sense illusion; whoever that awakens to Christ as the reality of individual being, shall not be hurt by the second death. We are being prepared beautifully to walk this earth in our Spiritual form that the second death, human death will not be experienced, as we remain faithful to the one Life of God as our Life. However, the five senses suggest to you that you are a physical being, that you were born and will surely die, but Christ says, “That whosoever that believes in ME should not perish but have everlasting life”.

Please give up every belief in a mortal form (ekene ezeike the natural man that is not the child of God); please sow only to the infinite, invisible Spirit, Christ that is ever-present, that is before Abraham to reap life everlasting. Love the invisible, immortal self of every form you see, by seeing Christ Jesus in them. This is to love your neighbor as yourself. It may appear difficult at first, as you begin to learn how to walk in the Holy Ghost, but because it is the Father’s gift to us, certainly your legs and knees shall be steadied, and you walk into Christ. This is the narrow path to the kingdom of heaven. With man, it is impossible of attainment but with God all things are possible. It is the Will of God that you sow to the infinite, invisible Christ; it is the Will of God to give you the kingdom –  Christ Jesus immortal body of light realized in consciousness is the kingdom of God expressing. Thus in your conscious oneness with Him do you dwell in the kingdom of God here and now. Our Most Loving Father speaks to us in the eternal now from mount Zion, “This is my begotten Son in whom I am well pleased, hear yee Him”. In other words, accept Christ Jesus forever without the blink of an eyelash that He is your true identity, regardless of any seeming persecution that comes your way from the organized religious systems of the world  to deny the Truth of being.

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