“Why is God allowing evil in the world; why are there wars, death, disease, sin, lack, and the whole lots of other erroneous conditions in the human scene?”, you might ask. It might shock and startle you to know that all appearances in this world are like the shadow confronting the little child; they are images in mind, without substance, without the Law and Love of God to maintain and sustain. Is there anything besides God, the Holy One of Israel? To the child, the shadow was real and tangible in her experience, but her mother knew better. The child was ignorant of the fact that the shadow was her creation; she was casting it.

Through ignorance of the Infinite, invisible Presence of Christ, man creates a mental world of his own, a world of good and evil. Thus as a man sows, so shall he also reap. He sees the manifestation of his thoughts and reacts to them, the same way the crying baby reacted to her shadow. Therefore, he eats the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. He appropriates the fruit thereof because he reacts to this world of illusion believing it true, not knowing it is but illusion, a fleeting shadow without substance. That is why he perishes in his ignorance of Christ. There is no imperfection out there; there is no danger out there. There is no good in a person, place or condition either; all good is in God. Every appearance, imperfection, every danger is an indication that you are in duality, in a false self, separate from our Most Gracious Father; you are appropriating the fruit of good and evil. Only God is present; only Christ Jesus is present; only ‘I AM’ is present, and I Am that in the awareness that I and my Father are one.

The sole reason there is evil or darkness in the form of mortality is for the Glory of God to be revealed. You might ask how? Our authority for this is in the response of Christ to the question posed by His disciples, “master who sinned?”. Jesus answered,Neither this man nor his parents, but this happened so that works of God will be displayed in him”. In other words, who sinned, in this case, could mean, ‘what is the cause of darkness or evil in the world?” In clear terms, Christ response, “For the glory of God to be revealed”. This answer puts to rest that darkness or evil has any origin in God. Is this not the same as acknowledging God in all thy ways instead of an appearance or condition? Is it not the same thing as ‘resist not evil?’

Thus, there is no Law, Love, Activity, Purpose of God to sustain darkness or evil. Darkness, which is a shadow cast by human mind, appears to exist so that the glory of God will shine forth, by our continuous realization of the Allness of God; mortal forms exist so that you lift them up in God as spirit, by your steady realization that Christ Jesus stands where any mortal appears to be.

Now when you appropriate the world ranging from the stars in the galaxies to the speck of dust on the ground through the senses, what confronts you is always an appearance ( the tree of good and evil), not the substance, the reality, the invisible, spiritual form (the Tree of Life) that is there. The spiritual form is the infinite, invisible Spirit, Christ Jesus the reality of individual being. Thus when you are looking at a person, be it your father, mother, wife, husband, child, or even a thief or a prostitute, please do not judge them after appearance but judge them righteously, by beholding them through the single eye. Just quickly remember that they are Spirit, that Christ Jesus is appearing as them, not the physical form. That way you are releasing creation from bondage of corruption into glorious liberty, into to the kingdom of God; you are overcoming the world by faith, love, and understanding; you are changing the serpent back to a rod; you are trampling upon the serpent; else you will be seeing their nakedness or mortality, thus disrobing them of their glory which they had with the Father before the world was, by knowing them after the flesh or as mortals.

Again, there is but one Presence, one Life, to which we should give individual attention – Christ in us the hope of glory; the Light within every individual; the true Light that lights every man that comes into the worldHe is the Light of the atheist, pagan or infidel. Whether they are aware of it or not, your function as the royal high priest of God is to forgive seventy times seven, by realizing that Christ Jesus is the substance of their being. To Christ, the one Infinite, Invisible Presence, the personal self (ekene ezeike the natural man) should be in conscious recognition at all times; the personal self (ekene ezeike that receiveth not the things of God) should decrease to the point of dissolution to allow Christ full expression. This is the core principle of Christ Jesus as revealed in the scripture: “I am in you and you are in me.” In other words, where any evil or saintly form appears, Christ is the only presence there but veiled to our mortal sense; Christ is the true identity of every form. Your realization of this Truth is infinite Power.

Therefore, do not have a minute in an hour when the Son of God is left out in the cold knocking at the door of your heart; never have an hour in a day without a conscious reminder of the indwelling Presence, the Holy Grail hidden at the center of your being and of the infinite universe. Please live in the continuous awareness of the Son of God, Christ Jesus within you and where your neighbor stands. Consciously remember that the Divine Presence, the Father within goes before you to make the crooked places straight, to level every mountain, to fill up every valley, to blossom the desert places, and to make a way in the wilderness of humanhood; to reveal His kingdom on earth. God’s infinite Presence realized is the milk and honey in the newness of life that is unfolding before you. It is the New Jerusalem unfolding on earth, for Christ in you realized is the kingdom of God expressing.

Moreover, you who are reading this book please know that you were directed to it by the Grace of God. The book might seem a bit strange to some people to label it heretic. However, it is not tied to any religion, sect or membership but it is based on the Bible and on the absolute and universal teachings of Christ Jesus. Whatever in human experience that demands your membership aims at imprisoning you, putting you in bondage. You are hypnotized and in bondage, if you belong to any clan, country, race, church, mosque, synagogue, temple, shrine, or any secret society, by relationship through blood or by penning your name in their register.

All organized religion is enshrined in falsehood. It is the handiwork of man whose breath is in his nostrils. It appeals to your mind by promising you safety, security, hope, and fulfillment because somewhere in its scheme, through its doctrine, has ensnared you with fear and anxiety. Somehow it promises her members hope of ‘a life-hereafter’, and fools her members by saying prayers at the graveside of one that has passed on, by convincing them that those prayers avail much. It promises to her members false hope, safety and security on one hand and fear and condemnation on the other. However, please you must be aware that there is no safety, security, hope, or fulfillment outside conscious acknowledgment of the Almighty God, outside your conscious oneness with the Holy One of Israel and outside your realization of oneness with every man, woman, and child on earth.

The spiritual journey is one that requires faith. Yesterday’s manna will do you no good, that was in the baby stage of your spiritual walk with God. As you begin to realize Sonship, oneness with Christ Jesus; as your consciousness of the infinite Presence of Christ deepens, you shall bump into the startling revelation that only today’s Manna is the Living bread. That Manna is Spirit, the gift of God – forever new every morning. However, our Father does not have anything of a perishable nature to give, whether it is in the form of shelter, companionship, child, money, car, or private jet. Our Most Loving Father gives Himself eternally; God gives His Holy Ghost, which appears as fulfillment in our experience. I had to battle with this temptation for a very long time in the darkest hours of my experience: I prayed for money, shelter, companionship, and even happiness, but that did not move our Most Loving Father. His response to me and to the rest of the World is, “Son I have only my Spirit to give; I have only my Kingdom to give. My kingdom is fulfillment”. Indeed, Holy Spirit, the gift of God translates to fulfillment in our experience as the added things in life. Humanly it is very difficult to grasp this Truth that the Kingdom of God is fulfillment, except by the Grace of God; that we should only seek the kingdom of God and the added things will follow.

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