Dear brothers and sisters,

Please I want to inform you that I will be away for some months from this site but there are books you can download that are actually the basis for the blogs. You can keep yourselves busy at your convenience with our books; Introduction, resist not evil, and nature of evil are prerequisite to reading the others. it must be in that order for you to easily understand what Holy Spirit is revealing to us in the eternal now:

However, I will from time to time upload the audio book on our Youtube channel :
Jesus Christ Mind

I will be back on the site ( towards December 2021. By the grace of our Most Loving Father, we shall start streaming our teaching and healing classes in December 2021….

We shall also be on other Social media platform as censorship allows… So please stay tuned; please follow, subscribe, and click the notification button on all our platforms as we eat and drink the Word of our heavenly Father….

Finally, please let this be your amour and shield as you confront any appearance of a mortal form in the infinite universe: Our Most Loving Father is All and besides the Holy One of Israel (Chukwu Okike Abiama) there is no other; that Christ Jesus is in me and I am in Him; that every man, woman and child on earth is the offspring of God, and their being is in the Holy One of Israel. This principle realized in consciousness and practiced reveals the illusory nature of all temporal powers; vanishes any seeming darkness in our experience.

N.B. Please needs a diligent editor for all her present Works and subsequent ones. Also, very diligent translators are required in these languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Arabic, Mandarin, and Korean. Please you can reach us at for further discussion on your wages. Remain blessed…

The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.





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