Punishment is never an Activity of God but an activity of the human mind. God does not punish and has never meted out punishment to anyone, anywhere at any time in the infinite universe.

Punishment in human experience is due to the failure of the human mind to be a transparency for the outflow of Divine love. Consequently, we suffer from being a barrier to the Divine will of God. Any punishment in human experience is due to man’s inability to express the Divine love of our Father. As long as man remains in a separate self from our Most Loving Father, from the Divine will of the Most High, there will be seeming punishment – a kind of friction, a false sense of separation and man withers and dies. The seed of our disobedience is punishment, which we ignorantly set in motion in our affairs; thus not an act of God. As you sow you reap; “our own wickedness will correct us, and our backsliding will rebuke us”. Jeremiah 2:19

Anywhere plagues are mentioned in the scripture, please know that the plagues are aimed at us to remove anything unlike our Father in us; to remove the barrier in us, the self-will that separates us from realizing oneness with our Most Loving Father. They appear as plagues to our false sense of life that is in opposition to Spirit; that is cut off from our heavenly Father. So if you are separate from God, it will appear as a plague. They are not going to touch the reality of you, Christ Jesus. They bring you into the awareness of your true self, Christ Jesus.  It has nothing to do with God’s punishment.

Again, you might ask, “what about the parable of the rich man and Lazarus”? Please know this forever: Every parable of Christ in the bible is about you and me, not about two different persons or more. It is always about an individual and her relationship with her true self, the bridegroom, Christ Jesus. So the rich man in us refers to the outer man (human nature) that feeds on materiality, which glorifies selfishness and the quest for personal gratification; that dresses in purple and fine linen and lives in luxury, enthroning the personal will over the Divine will of the Father; that believes in flesh and blood as the reality of her being at the expense of spirit, at the expense of the realization that Christ Jesus constitutes the reality of individual being. In that state, the outer man feeds sumptuously to the extent that the One Life of God, Christ Jesus is completely ignored, thereby starving the seed, by not allowing it come in contact with the soil, the infinite, invisible Spirit. Just the discarded crumbs of bread that fall from her table once in a while are apportioned to feed the inner man, her true self – Christ in man, the Hope of Glory. As long as we are ignorant of the begotten Son of God Christ Jesus as constituting our being, we are in hell here and beyond, regardless of the fleeting wealth that may surround us.

So Lazarus is starved so much so that He appears deficient and malnourished, and as a result, develops sores on his legs that the dogs come to lick his wounds. That means that the inner man, her true self, Christ Jesus was left out in the cold, and will not be let into consciousness even after persistent knocking at the door of her heart. This is our ‘prodigal state’, in our false consciousness of flesh and blood as a function of our being. The dogs represent the false fulfillment in the lust of the flesh that licks the wound; that pierces Christ the Son of the Living God. So for each one on the face of the globe, both Lazarus (the Son that goes to the Father) and the rich man (the natural man that goes to perdition) play their role in our lives, each coming to ‘ascendancy’ depending on how we are keeping the WORD, symbolized by the bread and the crumbs of bread that fall from the table.

And now the second death comes around to assert itself as a reality in our experience; depending on the state of consciousness that is in the ascendancy, it is either paradise or hell. If one is in the rich man state of consciousness, wherein Christ Jesus is forsaken, she finds herself in hell, separated from the Father, but if in Lazarus state of consciousness, wherein Christ Jesus is acknowledged as the reality of individual being, she finds herself in the bosom of Abraham, in the paradise of God. So the rich man cries in agony for Abraham to at least come to his rescue by dipping his fingers in water and let them drop from his fingers to quench his thirst …to convince his five brothers, our five senses that there is such a place of burning. But Abraham responds, “They have Moses and prophets, and will not be convinced even if someone is raised from the dead

Therefore, nothing else can transform our carnal senses but our conscious acceptance of the finished work of our Father, as revealed to us through the prophets and the disciples. Not even angels can influence us out of our carnal nature into the realm of Spirit if we fail to accept the finished work at Calvary as revealed through the gospel. Our Father has destined the gospel to be the only transforming power in heaven and on earth that frees us from the penury of the flesh and blood consciousness. Holy Spirit reveals through brother Paul, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.”

The fire of God, the lake of fire that appeared to Moses as the burning bush, burns without consuming the real substance – our conscious oneness with God, but consumes only the dross of matter, taking out everything in us unlike our heavenly Father; refining us into pure gold, undivided, unseparated from the Holy One of Israel. Again, you can liken the effect of the lake of fire to the same experience that confronted Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fiery burning furnace of Nebuchadnezzar – the human will in us that thwarts the divine Law of God. The lake of fire, God’s divine Love, burns eternally to dissolve in us every dross of matter, the foot soldiers of the flesh, leaving behind the Son of man in us, who is the Ancient of Days; in the same way the dross in gold burns off in a furnace, leaving behind a refined gold. It is a burning different from anything else, a burning without consuming. It burns in the inner recess of our human nature eternally until every part of the dross is consumed, revealing the Ancient of Days in us; until every knee upholding materiality in us succumbs, bends to the acknowledgment of Jesus Christ as the Lord of our life; until we come to the full realization that Christ Jesus constitutes the reality of individual being, to the Glory of God the Father. Now, if we that are following Christ Jesus on the path of regeneration look back upon the things that we lusted after, the lust of the eyes, the pride of life, and how they are gradually been burnt away from us, revealing in us more of Christ awareness, then you begin to understand the very nature of the lake of fire.

Therefore, we will be burned by the lake of fire perpetually until the very purity of Christ comes alive in us, until the false concept of the body we have entertained is consumed. However, if we persist by not yielding to Spirit, by sowing to the flesh, affliction continues to the point of gnashing of teeth, here and beyond.

We must love God by acknowledging Him in all our ways; by realizing our oneness with Christ Jesus. It is this love for God and beholding of Christ Jesus in every form that draws us out of the bottomless pit of humanhood; it is the love for Christ, the hope of our glory that makes a way for us out of the misty wilderness of mortality into our promised land, the paradise of God here and now. Humanhood is the natural man that is infested with all kinds of wild beast to mention but a few (war , killing , terrorism , idolatry, jealousy , hate, fraud, envy, malice, ambition, perversion: bestiality ,rape, homosexuality, lesbianism, adultery, fornication, masturbation, lust, pornography; lying, cheating, divorce, heredity, witchcraft and sorcery, gambling, fortune telling, divination, enchantment, idolatry, kidnapping; tornado, famine, accident , viral outbreak , starvation, wild inferno, hurricane, earthquake; poverty and wealth, lack and limitation, disease and health, male and female, young and old, imitation life and death, good and evil), and her destination is the lake of fire, as revealed in the scripture, “Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. The lake of fire is the second death. If anyone’s name is not written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.”

The book of life is identity accepted and realized in consciousness; is ‘I Am’ lived in. But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars – their place is the lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death. So the remembrance of our Father’s love is the only thing that can initiate our journey back Home, away from the wild beast infesting human nature, regardless of how debased or low our state may appear. As the love for Christ grows in us, the dying to the old self, the outer man begins, and the door of our heart begins to open up, to welcome Christ Jesus that has been out in the cold knocking, while the rich man in us fed sumptuously at the expense of the bridegroom.

Always, fear in whatever form or nature is an open invitation to satan, the adversary into our affairs. Do you remember the story of brother Job? He was the most upright person on earth, enjoying opulence to the highest degree, but the moment he entertained fear, the adversary came in and shocked him, and in one day he lost all the things he cherished, but the error that confronted him only served to purify him. So when you sit back and look deeply at error, at the shocking and sad experiences you had, you are not worried much, as you learn that it served its purpose in you to build up your spiritual muscle, to increase your faith, which is the main ingredient required in pleasing God.

Moreover, our destination is the cross of Calvary, and once we are afraid to embark on that journey, the only journey capable of lifting us out of the hell of mortal sense, we experience punishment one way or the other. This journey to Calvary, is a journey in consciousness where we come to the full awareness that Christ is in us and we are in Him; where we realize that Christ constitute the reality of our being, by drinking His blood and eating His flesh. In doing this continuously, we are lifted out of hell.

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