Please carefully note: it is only one seed, not two or more, that is scattered by the Farmer in the parable of the Sower. This is the mystery of Omnipresence. Humanly we can never comprehend it, except by the Grace of God. Now when our Most Loving Father sows, He sows just one seed infinitely. That seed is His Son as well as Himself – for the Father and the Son ‘is One’. Our Father gives Himself infinitely to creation but still has Himself, in full measure, without decreasing or increasing.

However, whatever we give out humanly, physically, is decreased in the same measure as we gave it out. For instance: you have a loaf of bread to share among three children; you have to cut it into three pieces equally. As you share, you are left less with what you have given out, until you give out the last loaf and you are left with ‘none’. Also when you try that with money, you will notice you are equally left with less of the money you have given out. So with every other thing that is physical or material – they all have a fleeting nature.

Now when by the Grace of God, you look out spiritually, you discover that the things of Spirit are not shared that way. Take love for example: when a mother shows forth love to seven children, she gives out one hundred percent love to the first child up to the seventh child, and still not deplete her love in the measure as she gave it out to her children. The measure of love that goes out to her children is the same measure of love she holds back unto herself. The same goes for every other fruit of the Spirit. They are of infinite nature. Our Most Loving Father has only Himself to give. This is the nature of Omnipresence. When our Most Loving Father gives, He gives the whole of Himself (Christ Jesus) infinitely, without increasing or decreasing. So with every other fruit of the Spirit, different from the way we give things in the human scene.

The soil is your consciousness, and the nature of the soil is your receptivity of the seed (Christ) as the reality of your being, and of your neighbor’s being. Thus if your soil is rocky, you are leaving out Christ in the cold; you are not accepting Christ Jesus as your true identity and the identity of every man, woman, and child on earth. Therefore, you will not bear fruit; you will not see life. However, if the soil is humus, which is but the degree of your submission to the will of God and receptivity of the seed of God in you, then the seed grows into the engrafted living Word of God, the Word made flesh; you bear fruit, some thirty, sixty and a hundred. The Seed is the light that lights every man that comes into the world. The seed is Christ Jesus the perfection of God made visible when accepted in consciousness as the reality of individual being. The ‘Man’ created by God in Genesis 1:26 is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the very Seed of God, from whom all mankind came forth

Therefore, it is in this recognition of the everywhereness of Christ Jesus, appearing as you, and as your neighbor, that we are the light of the world; that we are bowing to Him. There is no us and Christ Jesus, there is only Christ Jesus appearing as us in oneness – one Tree of Life many branches, where not a single leave withers – the Life of God flowing through the trunk, maintaining and sustaining the branches unto eternity. Until you come to the realization that the same life of the trunk is the very life of the branch, and that it is sinful to look at any branch as different from the tree; until you accept that the branch and the vine are one, you are still sowing to the flesh, thus subject to corruption. The ‘One Life’ flows through the trunk out the branches. It is when we are ‘one’ with Christ Jesus consciously we are bowing to Him. This far supersedes the mere voicing of Christ Jesus as our lord and savior. Christ implores us to be one with Him, by accepting Him as our true identity.

Moreover, the purpose of our Most Loving Father is that we live, move, and have our being consciously in Him in order to continuously conform to His image and likeness; to eternally rest in Him. However, in our human consciousness, something very strange seems to occur – a false sense of separation ( veil of mortality) appears between us and our Father, in which we are subjected to the good and evil influences, which are but the temptations of satan. Thus the Holy One of Israel commands, “Thou shall not eat of the fruit of tree of good and evil”; that the day we eat of the fruit of good and evil we shall die; we shall experience false separation from His presence, which is our death. His purpose for us in our seemingly separated self is to rest in Him, and not react to the appearances of good and evil, for there is none. Nothing exists besides the Holy One of Israel –  please be conscious that the veil (mortality is rented on Calvary), and the Lord is in the Holy of Holies, seated on the mercy seat, between the two Cherubim at the center of your being. The appearance of good and evil (mortality) are shadows without substance that each man casts by accepting a presence separate and apart from our Most Loving Father.

It does not matter what the television, newspaper or any book talks about an evil power or an evil activity, lucifer, or the devil and its demons; it still does not matter what any myth out there holds about the devil, satan, or any principality. One thing is sure, it was not created by the Word of God. If you believe that there is an evil or a mortal being in time or space or any good either, outside the Holy one of Israel, you are still appropriating the fruit of the tree of good and evil, just as the rest of the world believes, and will be subjected to the good and evil powers that operates through the human mind. Thus cannot enter your place of rest in God, as Joshua and Caleb of all the children of Israelites that left the strange land of mortality, the land of egypt.

Wait a minute! You cannot believe in sickness and health, life and death, good and evil, and demonstrate harmony or the kingdom of heaven. The world out there (organized religion) attempts to worship God and satan at the same time, by acknowledging our Most Loving Father in one hand and satan on the other. However, if you must follow Christ Jesus in the regeneration, then you must know the Truth that only our Most Loving Father, the Holy One of Israel is present; that only Christ Jesus is present, and that Christ is your real identity. There is the One Life (God) flowing up the Vine (Christ Jesus), out the branches (you, the inner man). You must realize this truth to bear fruit of the Spirit, to express harmony, regardless of any pleasing or shattering appearance. This is the secret to all miracles in the bible and every other place spiritual healing has been revealed in time or space. This is the inner meaning to:‘go yee into the world, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Baptism is an activity of Holy Spirit in consciousness. Thus to go into the world and baptize them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is to consciously realize the relationship existing between the Father and every mortal form that confronts you in relation to the Vine – Christ Jesus.

If you hold not dear the master key ‘Resist not evil”, then you cannot unlock the entrance door into the promised land of milk and honey, into immortality here and now. You must come to the full realization that only the Holy One of Israel is present, that besides our Most Loving Father there is no other, not even the devil or lucifer that has no Law of God to maintain and sustain.

Again, it does not matter who or what sects worship the devil, lucifer, ekwensu or host of his angels, by accepting their existence as a reality. You that are on the path of regeneration must know the Truth that only the Holy One of Israel is present, regardless of any pleasing or shattering appearance, regardless of any seeming giant in the land of promise. Only the Holy One of Israel is present. Therefore, no evil can coexist with God. And our Father is infinite; hence no evil exists in time or space. Devil or ekwensu is not an entity except as you have agreed to make it, consequently you suffer dearly from it.

Consciousness must expand to the Fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man. This commandment reveals the kingdom of God where you stand. You must love God, and your neighbor as yourself. This is a command and there is nothing we can do about it but to keep it. Failing to do so, you suffer from it, because you cannot push away the kingdom of God from appearing on earth, by hiding your candle of light under the bushel of mortality, or even that of your neighbor, by believing that they are mortals. You must let your light shine before men so that they may glorify your Father, who is in heaven. To let your light shine is to side with Gideon in smashing the empty jars, revealing the torch of Truth, which dissolves our mortal concepts – ‘ the Midianites army or ‘men’ (the world of appearance or the tree of good and evil) that confronts us, thick as locusts. To glorify the Father is to reveal His kingdom on earth; to declare, “Let there be light in the face of darkness”. Mortality is darkness, and your declaration of ‘let there be light’ is to accept your neighbor’s spiritual nature and that the place where thou standesth is Holy ground – the gate of heaven. Thus you must love our Father with all your heart, soul, and mind, and you must love your neighbor as yourself. Men will glorify your Father in heaven as soon as you come to the full realization that man is the temple of God, that Christ Jesus constitutes their being. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God; the same was in the beginning with God. All things were MADE by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made. In Him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it but could not do so.

Please make this your aim: that you shall know the Truth, and that you shall forgive seventy times seven and love as Jesus Christ loves that at the moment of crucifixion he said, “Father forgive them, for they do not know what they do”. Could you say that? Think…even when claims are made upon you, rejects them instantly as a lie; convert those claims into Truth, in the realization that the kingdom of God is Omnipresent and not the claims, in the realization that Christ Jesus stands where any mortal form appears to be. The Omnipresence of Spirit excludes the existence of any claim in whatever form or nature. Thus when you are in the kingdom of God as spirit, you are the son of God; when you are in the kingdom of God as a human being, you are a mortal being that comprehends not the Light, the kingdom of Heaven that is Omnipresent.

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