We thank you Most Loving Father, the creator of heaven and earth. In thy Love the whole of creation is named. We live, move and have our being in thy infinite Presence. You are our Life, Joy, Peace, and Strength. Babies and sucklings across the world are acknowledging thy Infinite Presence; they are painting the ‘rainbow‘, in full acknowledgement of your Infinite Perfection. The doors of our heart are opening for you to enter and sup with us.

Most Merciful Father we acknowledge thy loving kindness, we are proclaiming that you are the only God, the Holy One of Israel. You are the only Presence, Intelligence, and Power maintaining the infinite universe on the invisible pillar of thy Love –  Christ Jesus, who is the reality of our being. The knowledge of Your Infinite Presence is growing in our heart and shall fill the whole earth as water covers the sea.

Father we seek only thy Kingdom and Its righteousness; let thy Will be done through us, and not our will be done. We thank you Father for thy Light that is shining, revealing thy Perfection in our experience. Only thy Perfection reveals the illusory nature of any and every pandemic in our experience. Thank you Most Gracious Father through Christ our Lord. Amen!


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