The TREE OF LIFE is the invisible Spirit of God Permeating all space and time – it lies between the pure river of water of life. It is the reality behind the veil, behind our mortal concept – our belief in a life of flesh and blood. In reality, in the kingdom of God, there is only one tree: The TREE OF LIFE, Christ the reality of our being; He is our sanctuary, the mercy-sit behind the veil of our mortality; He is the living presence behind every form we appropriate in the universe. However, in our humanhood, we look at the One TREE OF LIFE as the tree of good and evil; we accept the outer court appearance, instead of the reality, Christ behind the veil, the invisible, Omnipresent Spirit that permeates time and space.

Has it ever throbbed your heart, “Why are we here on earth? What is our purpose on earth?” We are on a journey on earth for one purpose:  To become aware of God’s love and express it, by accepting Christ as the Life of individual being. To be conscious of Christ’s Presence where any form is and to grow into the fullness of our Father, by realizing that Christ is in me and I am in Him – Christ is the TREE OF LIFE. To realize the ‘Glory’ we had with our Father before the foundation of our world through faith and love; to be one with our Father while we may appear in a mortal flesh to human sense; to become aware of ourselves as the children of God, having no limitation, as it was in the beginning. We are here to bear witness to the Truth of the One Life, the Glory of God in man, Christ as one divine expression throughout the infinite universe, all ‘mankind’ as one. Your realization of your oneness with Christ Jesus remains now and always the unlimited, eternal door-way to the kingdom of God and through which the Holy Ghost expresses Himself in you.

Your spiritual body is the TREE OF LIFE, and to live in it, you must be conscious of yourself as the branch grafted to the Vine; you must be aware that Christ (Vine) is in you, and you are in Him. This is not the same as ‘astral body ‘projection by mental power, which is an imitation of our Spiritual body. You cannot live in your Spiritual body through enchantment, divination, incantation, rites or ritual. It is impossible! You cannot live in your Spiritual body as a human being. However, you live in your Spiritual body by dying completely to self – that ‘self you thought was ‘conceived’ in the womb of a woman; that ‘self’ you behold in a mirror. You live in IT by accepting IT IS FINISHED’, as Christ grieves at Calvary. You live in IT by realizing that Christ is in you and you are in Christ. You live in IT by realizing that ‘I and My Father are one’. You live in IT by realizing you are Spirit and not a human being.

The Truth to know is that you cannot influence our Most Loving Father to do your bidding, to do what He is not doing now. You are Spirit in the beginning, and ever will be in your conscious oneness with The Almighty God. It is not something you attain or work out, through rites or rituals. You are Omnipresent in your Spiritual body because your Spiritual body is in the beginning with our Most Loving Father. Our Father assures us, “You should know that you were with me.” Therefore, no occult teachings, rite, ritual, or symbol can make you dwell in your Spiritual body while living as a human being; while you are conscious of flesh and blood. Any influence by way of rites, rituals, symbols, or astral travel is nothing but mental power – hypnotism. This has been the deception of all occult teachings. They are robbers and thieves; they are not going through the only way: ‘Christ the reality of individual being’.

In our humanhood, we are bound to the wheels of chariots of discord, lack, and limitation – whirling us through a maze of human problems and experience, solely our creation – until we are compelled to learn and obey the divine Will of our Most Loving Father: Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. Our mis-creation drives us on and on until we are willing to acknowledge our Most Loving Father in all our ways. We whirl through life experiencing discord upon discord, until we learn to sow only to Spirit – the infinite, invisible Christ of our being – as the only Presence, Power, and Intelligence, governing the infinite universe.

This is a compelling activity, which no human being can escape (for every knee must bend and confess that Christ Jesus is Lord, to the glory of the Father; for the Holy One of Israel shall cause His righteousness to shine forth in you as brightness, and your salvation as a lamp that burns) until the outer self realizes the infinite Presence of Christ, the Lamb of God slain from the foundation of the world through ignorance, who is the reality of our being. Please note that by accepting our neighbors’ mortality, we rob them of Christ; we crucify Christ in them. Thus, until we resolve within ourselves to pay back what we have collected erroneously from our neighbor, by realizing they are Spirit; until there is an inner yearning to step out of the limitation of humanhood as Zacchaeus, by climbing unto the sycamore tree in consciousness to catch a glimpse of the Lord in our neighbor; until there is inner yearning within to peck through the shell of mortality into infinite Christ awareness, we shall still be asleep to Christ, subject to the prison of the senses; we shall still be dwarfed and limited by religious dogma, creed, rites, and rituals.

Therefore, please let us push through the crowd of human consciousness; let us soar out of the shackles of flesh and blood consciousness unto the sycamore tree, to catch a glimpse of Christ in us and them, who is the WORD that was in the beginning with God, and be ‘ONE’ with Him, with the TREE OF LIFE.

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